Viva Goals Journey: Implementing Viva Goals at IThink 365 – Introduction

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Firstly, let’s explain quickly what Viva Goals is.

Viva Goals is a tool that allows us to define and track the goals of the business. The goals or objectives are measured using KPIs to see if the objective has been met. Viva Goals allows objectives to be set at business, department, team, and individual levels. The idea is that an individual’s objective will help their, team, department and business meet their objectives.

This video gives a good introduction.

Introduction to Viva Goals

Ever since Microsoft announced their acquisition of I have been excited to see how it would become part of the Microsoft Viva suite. Microsoft then announced Viva Goals and that it was going into private preview earlier in 2022 and although I tried to get on the programme it was not to be.

On the 1st of August 2022, Viva Goals was released to us all and I was keen to start seeing how we could use it at iThink 365 to drive the business forward.

This blog is the first post in a series of posts where I plan to document our Viva Goals journey in the form of diary posts. These posts will capture the things that we have learned and tried with the aim of helping others and sharing the knowledge of implementing Viva Goals.

Blog Posts

This section will contain the list of blog posts to provide an index for the series of posts.

The Journey

The goal that I am looking to achieve is to align the iThink 365 team so that they are working towards the same goals as the business. Some examples of the goals are to build an organisation that is continuously learning and experimenting and that is a successful and sustainable business.

The plan is to start with using Viva Goals for the business objectives that I am working on. This will allow me to understand how Viva Goals works and get my head around how it can be rolled out to the rest of the team.

The next step is then to take the team on the journey. To be successful, I believe they will need to understand the why, what, and how of Viva Goals.

Once the team understand the what, how and why we can then start implementing and assigning objectives which align them to the overall business strategy.

Anyway, that is it for this post, but I look forward to sharing our Viva Goals journey at iThink 365 in the next one.

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