Maturity Model for Microsoft 365

I am a proud member of the core Maturity Model for Microsoft 365 team who have been building this free community resource since July 2020.

The resource is held on

The Maturity Model for Microsoft 365 is a Microsoft PnP community initiative to help businesses understand how Microsoft 365 can be used to achieve great outcomes. 

It is based on work by Sadie Van Buren who developed the SharePoint Maturity Model in 2010.

Businesses have a common set of activities that they need to do, and these have been captured as competencies. Examples include 

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Management of content
  • Business Process
  • Staff and Training
  • People and Communities
  • Governance


The Maturity Model helps business owners and decision makers understand what can be achieved by improving their capability in these different areas. Resources are finite and the model allows them to understand which areas would give the most benefit to their business. 

To find out more and get started reading up on the Maturity Model, check out

Introduction to the Maturity Model for Microsoft 365.

Watch this video to find out more.

Maturity Model Practitioners Group

The Maturity Model meets up every 3rd Tuesday of the month apart from July and August which we take a break for the holidays.

Come and join and us find out more by registering via the Microsoft PnP Community site