SPVSX (SharePoint Visual Studio Extensions) Alpha Released

>One of my teammates, Matt Smith, has been working hard alongside Wes Hackett, Glyn Clough and Martin Hatch on what looks to be a very interesting tool to help us developers.

The tool extends the new Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint development features further providing the following key points:-

  • Deployment
  • Quick Deploy (similar to Copy to 12/GAC in old-school WSPBuilder and VSeWSS 1.3)
  • Quick Deploy Custom Deployment Steps and Configurations
  • Project and Solution-level Quick Deploy (without changing deployment configuration)
  • Copy to SharePoint Root at File and SharePoint Item (SPI)-level (right-click in Solution Explorer)
  • Auto Copy to SharePoint Root when saving a file (e.g. auto deploy a change to an ASCX)
  • Auto Copy to GAC/BIN when building a project
  • Restart IIS
  • Recycle app pools
  • Attach to IIS worker processes (for quicker debugging!)


Matt has more details on his blog.
To download the extensions take go to the SPVSX Visual Studio Plugin Gallery and provide feedback/comments/requests on the SPVSX Codeplex site.

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