>SharePoint Overflow

>Whilst listening to the latest installments of the SharePoint Pod Show, Nick Swan mentioned a new site that they have started called SharePoint Overflow, borrowing some key ideas from Stack Overflow they have created a really simple and neat site which allows you to post and answer questions.

As you answer questions you gain more reputation and this allows you to do more on the site. As some of you maybe aware I am a bit of a Playstation, gaming nut and I love the idea that you can score points.

There seem to be all the top SharePoint dogs there so you are sure to get your questions answered quickly and learn a few things as well. I learnt a new way to handle the SPWebConfigurationModificiation object thanks to Andrew Woodward and The Kid

One thing that I havent seen before is the OpenId authentication piece. OpenId is similar to Microsoft’s passport along users to login via a single sign on username/password. Therefore  I can log in via my blogger/Google account.

Although Microsoft have been trying to do this for a while this does seem like a nice alternative and I am guessing it was selected because it gave the broadest choice.

Anyway sign up and take a look.
Nice work chaps!


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