>SharePoint 2010 – What I have been reading at home (Part 1)

>With the SharePoint conference starting this week and seeing all the Twitter posts about all the great new feature I have been feeling a little left out. To counter this I thought I’d post the things that I have been reading.

Firstly SharePoint 2010 looks amazing, some really interesting features for us developers and some super cool resource management for the more infrastructure orientated among us.

To get started I read this post from Oliver Marks from ZDNet. Whilst the post isn’t anything ground breaking there is a interesting interview with Kirk Koenigsbauer from Microsoft discussing Groove. I was particularly interested in the offline capabilities which allow document libraries and even sites offline!.  One really cool feature was the ability for a document to be part of a workflow which is started offline and when Groove sync’s then the workflow is kicked off the SharePoint server!

Second port of call was to start reviewing all the new documentation from Microsoft which can be found at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/ee514561.aspx 

The video from Paul Andrew is great and shows some of the new features such as accessing data in SharePoint from a client app using REST and ADO.NET. Also he goes over a SharePoint Site Workflow and a sandbox solution which is a wsp which is uploaded to a site. The differenct between a sandbox solution as opposed to a farm solution is that the code is run in a separate process which has its resources managed so that if the process was to run away it will get terminated.

Finally for tonights reading is the new SharePoint 2010 SDK beta…

Happy Reading!

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