>Diskspace and STSADM Export command

>Had an issue today where I wanted to export a site from a live environment to a staging environment. So I thought thats fine, run stsadm -o export -url [yoursiteurl] -filename [backup_filename.bak] -version 3 and then import on the otherside.

However the command run for a while and then threw an exception out of disk space. I check the drive that I was creating the file on and it had 131Gb free.

After some investigation I could see that the c:\ drives free disk space was decreasing as the export command was run again.

To get around this I reset the %temp% and %tmp% variables to point to a temp directory on the disk with free space.

Re-ran the command and worked successfully this time! Something to think about and very dangerous if your disks ran out of space, particularly on the data or log drives! Fortunately the stsadm command seems to stop when there is less than 220Mb on the drive…

Hope thats useful to someone!

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