>SharePoint Performance Monitor could not find a performance counter (SharePoint Publishing Cache)

>Over the weekend our development servers were setup to be monitored by Systems Operation Manager. A few errors occured including one of them stating that “Performance Monitor could not find a performance counter, SharePoint Publishing Cache, Publishing cache flushes /seconds.”

To check the performance counter:-

  • Logging on to the SharePoint machine
  • Opened the Performance Monitor (Start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Performance)
  • Selected System Monitor
  • Click [+] and choose SharePoint Publishing Cache from the performance object list
  • Select Publishing cache flushes /second

You will see that there are no instances available, which makes sense as System Centre cannot find the counter. I gave this some thought and of course if publishing cache has not been enabled then there will be no counters.

So we have two choices :-

  1. Disable System Centre alert via Override (see http://blogs.technet.com/momteam/archive/2008/03/01/performance-module-could-not-find-a-performance-counter.aspx)
  2. Enable Performance caching

I decided to enable performance caching, so browse to your SharePoint site collection:-

  • Click on Site Actions->Modify Site Settings->All Site Settings
  • Under the Site Collection Administration list click Site Collection Output cache
  • Enable Output cache
  • I set the following Anonymous – Public Internet (this wont be used)
  • Authenticated Cache Profile – Intranet
  • Click OK

After about 5 minutes I switched back to the Performance tool and closed down the add counter. Then tried to add a counter this time the SharePoint Publishing Cache had various counters.



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