>InfoPath Initialisation Form DatePicker and TextBox not working

>Recently I have been working more with InfoPath forms for Initialisation and Association data into SharePoint workflows. These forms allow you to define how you would like the workflow to work for example setup default text which is sent with the workflow when a user is asked to do something.

One little issue that I had which took some time to diagnose was the following:-
So I have a date picker which is used in an Initialisation form to let the user set a date when they would like a response by. Great however when you tried to use the date picker control is didnt work.

Even if I added other controls with their new xml elements those controls did not work.

After trying umpteen options I discovered that it was all to do with the AssociationData which is sent as part of the workflow feature, see workflow.xml element.

Using the sampledata.xml I copied over the missing xml element AssignTaskDueDate into the workflow.xml AssociationData section. After deleting the workflow within SharePoint and recreating then the DatePicker control stopped being disabled.

If you have any questions on this just drop a comment.

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