>iThink SharePoint

>Well finally I have gone and done it.
I have started up my own limited company, iThink SharePoint.

The idea of iThink SharePoint will be to start developing useful SharePoint products and provide consultancy/development on an adhoc basis.

I have had some cool discussions with a number of companies in my area and we’ll see where that takes off. Shortly I will have www.ithinksharepoint.com running which will developed on SharePoint 2007 of course!

My background really started in 2003 when I was made redundant from a Video Network manufacturer where I headed up the IT department before getting bored and moved to developing Video Network management systems in Visual C++.

Since then I started contracting and providing consultancy services for Windows Server, Active Directory, Exchange, VMWare etc for 3 years before discovering SharePoint Portal Server 2003 in 2004. Since then, I took a year out and came back to the Beta of SharePoint 2007, I was pretty impressed back then and have now made it my full time job to understand all things SharePoint.
Sad I know..! (my girlfriend is currently pointing out that no one will read this if its so boring!)

Anyway I thought I’d let you know where I am from….


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