>Password prompt when posting a note in SharePoint 2010


When you post a note within a SharePoint 2010 site the note is recorded against your user profile. If your IE zone settings have your My Site URL in the Internet Zone then you will be prompted for a password.

To resolve this issue add the SharePoint mysites URL to your Local Intranet zone.

>Infopath Form Services error due to Missing State Service


In SharePoint 2007, if you tried to run an InfoPath form on InfoPath form services before installing a Shared Service Provider you received an error saying that there was no session state available.

I have been setting up SharePoint 2010 manually to understand the process in more detail and had been looking out for some service to do with Session State. However, the State Service is not a service you can create through the Central Administration site. As this is the cause, I presumed that session state would be handled by another SharePoint managed service.

After setting up a web application and site collection, I tried to publish a page and received an error something like the following, "An error has occurred with the Form Service there is a misconfiguration of the Microsoft SharePoint State Service”.

So there is a state service! Unfortunately the state service can only be created via the Farm Configuration Wizard or  manually by using Powershell.

After some digging I found the following post on Technet.

Essentially the process to create the State Service is the following:-

  • Logon to SharePoint Farm
  • Run the SharePoint Powershell Management Console
  • Create the state service app by typing: $stateserviceApp = New-SPStateServiceApplication -Name "My State Service"
  • Associate a database with the state service by typing: New-SPStateServiceDatabase -Name "MyStateServiceDatabase" -ServiceApplication $stateserviceApp.
  • Associate a state service proxy to the state service by typing: New-SPStateServiceApplicationProxy -Name "My State Service Proxy" -ServiceApplication $stateserviceApp -DefaultProxyGroup.

This will create a State Service for your SharePoint farm.

For more information please see the following Technet Article

>SharePoint 2010 Exams

>Recently I have been going through the process of studying and taking my MCTS: SharePoint exams. Anyway I am halfway through and thought I should take a look at what Microsoft have got in store for SharePoint 2010. From the SharePoint 2010 Learning Plan I found these:-

  • Technology Specialist: Configuring SharePoint 2010 (70-667)
    With the training courses of this MCTS certification, IT Professionals can learn configuration skills for SharePoint, including deployment, upgrade, management and operation on a server farm.
  • IT Professional: Administrating SharePoint 2010 (70-668) 
    The training courses of this MCITP certification cover advanced SharePoint 2010 topics like capacity planning, topology designing and performance tuning.
  • TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development (70-573)
    Microsoft Official Curriculum: Five-day instructor-led course designed for developers with six months or more of .NET development experience. Course covers what you need to know to be an effective member of a SharePoint development team using Visual Studio 2010.
  • PRO: Designing and Developing Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Applications (70-576)
    Microsoft Official Curriculum: Five-day instructor-led training course designed for development team leads who have already passed the Developing on SharePoint 2010 technical specialist exam. The course covers choosing technologies for and scoping a SharePoint project, best practices for SharePoint development, configuring a SharePoint development environment, advanced use of SharePoint developer features, and debugging of code in a SharePoint project.

>MCP Virtual Business Cards

>I received an email from the UK SharePoint User Group and saw a message for a meeting in  Nottingham. One of the guys involved Andrew Pounder had a cool feature which I hadn’t seen before he had an Microsoft Virtual Business Card!

The business card is available to anyone with an MCP qualification and allows you to promote t those certifications that you spent so much time studying for!

Take a look at https://www.mcpvirtualbusinesscard.com

My profile is here: https://www.mcpvirtualbusinesscard.com/VBCServer/simondoy/profile

>Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Extensions Project

>So Matt Smith, Wes Hackett and Martin Hatch from Content and Code are getting together to start doing Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint extensions for the SharePoint community.

They have some good ideas but need more, take a look and if there are any features which you would like that would aid your deployment then post a message in the suggestions section of the project site.

>SharePoint Overflow

>Whilst listening to the latest installments of the SharePoint Pod Show, Nick Swan mentioned a new site that they have started called SharePoint Overflow, borrowing some key ideas from Stack Overflow they have created a really simple and neat site which allows you to post and answer questions.

As you answer questions you gain more reputation and this allows you to do more on the site. As some of you maybe aware I am a bit of a Playstation, gaming nut and I love the idea that you can score points.

There seem to be all the top SharePoint dogs there so you are sure to get your questions answered quickly and learn a few things as well. I learnt a new way to handle the SPWebConfigurationModificiation object thanks to Andrew Woodward and The Kid

One thing that I havent seen before is the OpenId authentication piece. OpenId is similar to Microsoft’s passport along users to login via a single sign on username/password. Therefore  I can log in via my blogger/Google account.

Although Microsoft have been trying to do this for a while this does seem like a nice alternative and I am guessing it was selected because it gave the broadest choice.

Anyway sign up and take a look.
Nice work chaps!


>Pages is not a valid document library

>Had an problem at a client’s site where when you created a new layout page using the New->Welcome Page content type an error would display saying that “Pages is not a valid document library”.

Looking into the issue further, Layout pages within the library could be accessed properly and using Manage Site and Content you could copy files into the library.

One thing that I did notice is that the Modify Navigation link from Site Actions->Site Settings was greyed out.

First thing was to check the web’s Publishing Feature, the Standard feature was enabled but this had no effect.

The solution was to deactivate and then reactivate the web’s publishing feature.

The client has recently applied June 2009 cumulative update to the server farm the previous day, wondering if this caused the problem.

Thank you to Myryama for a helping hand! in finding a solution.