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Viva Goals Journey: Implementing Viva Goals at IThink 365 – Week 2 – Introducing to the Team

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In this article, I will discuss how we continued our journey of introducing Viva Goals at iThink 365.

This post is part of a series of blog posts which document our journey to implement Viva Goals within the organization.

If you have not read the introduction blog post, I would recommend starting there.

If you have read the introduction post, then welcome back and I hope that you are finding the series useful.

Introducing OKRs to the Team

This week we finally introduced the concepts of OKRs and Viva Goals to the team. This was via a Microsoft Teams session and a presentation which I will link to here below.

The session went well with a few questions and some concerns about how OKRs would change the type of work the team doing. Also, they asked how it will fit into the rest of their work?

My response was that it will help them understand what is important to the business and aims to ensure that they do the work that is important to the business. Additionally, I set their minds at rest as we talked about how we are working on this together. Finally, if the team were too busy then that is something that we need to address as people need to have time to do the activities that are important to the business.

However, as we showed the demos of Viva Goals the team became much more satisfied. The demos helped give context to what OKRs and Viva Goals meant. They were pleased to see the OKR check-in process was easy and in some cases would be automated!

Presentation link

The presentation Introduction slide

Next steps

This post is a short one this week as it was about bringing the team along so that they understand what OKRs, why we want to implement them and how Viva Goals will be used.

Next week, I want to work with our team leads to define objectives around learning as it is important that we embrace learning in our daily routine. I have a few ideas on how to do this and will explain them in our next post.

Thanks for reading and would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Speak to you next week!

Introduction to OKRs and Microsoft Viva Goals Presentation


On Tuesday 13th September 2022, I did my first talk on Microsoft Viva Goals at the M365 North User Group.

It was great to be able to present at the user group, albeit it is always a bit nerve racking running through a session for the first time!

If you are a user group lead and would like me to do the presentation, then please get in touch,

I promised that I would share the presentation, so here it is.

An Introduction to OKRs, and Microsoft Viva Goals presentation